Natural 100% Handmade Soaps – Aloe Vera


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At Scentre Yourself we choose to work with only natural ingredients in our soap manufacturing process. The cold process method that we use to make all our soaps is ideal to preserve the benefits of plant-derived butters, oils and other natural ingredients.  We pride ourselves in bring you the best soap. Our customers have been commenting on how effective they are. 

The secret to good looking skin lies in your garden! Aloe vera, a common plant grown in most households is known for its amazing advantages to the skin. Whether it is to treat sun burns or clear acne, Aloe vera does plenty of good for your body. Apart from using it its natural gel form, you can also impart it in your daily skin routine with a good aloe vera soap. Aloe soaps are a gentle and milder alternative to regular soaps.

Aloe vera soaps benefits our skin in numerous ways. They can moisture your skin and leaves it soft and supple. Besides, they also balance the pH of your skin.

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